Planteck offers to nurseries and garden centers around the world a large selection of new peony varieties (Itoh, herbaceous and tree) directly from its inventory or under a custom propagation contract.


Stage 3 plants (rooted and washed tissue-cultured plantlets)

To be able to schedule our production, we strongly recommend that you order Stage 3 plants before May for delivery in the spring of the following year.

Rooted tissue culture peony from the lab




  • Acclimatized plant after eight to ten weeks of growth

8-week acclimatized plant


  • Flowering size plants after two growing seasons

Stage 3 plants normally require two growing seasons to reach flowering  size ( three seasons if your growing season is short).  Plants may be sold in garden centers after the first growing season or as mature plants.


Plants at the end of one and two growing seasons


These products are targeted for both the garden and cut flower industries.  All our products are from tissue culture.

Our tissue culture technology allows the cut flower industry to achieve the introduction of new varieties more quickly and economically than by traditional means.

First flowering is obtained normally in the third growing season although gardeners and growers with a longer growing season (e.g. North American West Coast, France) have seen up to 50% of plants flower at the beginning of the second growing season!

One year plant grown by a North American West Coast based customer

The number of flowers on the bush will continue to increase until the plant reaches maturity (approx. 5 years).