Hardy Orchids

Propagation of hardy orchids is offered to our customers on production contract basis only.  We do not hold an inventory of orchids plants.

In vitro germinated Cypripedium reginae (Showy Lady’s Slipper).

Cypripedium reginae
Showy (Queen) Lady’s slipper

North America
H : 90 cm (36 in)
Hardiness Zone:3
Blooming:  Mid-June – July

This Cypripedium of royal calling surpasses in elegance many tropical orchids.  On the top of its rich green foliage, which can reach up to 1 m (39 in) in height, it elegantly bears often twin flowers of vivid fuchsia on a white background.  The hairs found on the stem and leaves discourage insect predators.  Floral emblem of state of Minnesota (USA) and the province of Prince Edward Island (CANADA).