Itoh peonies : the future of the peony industry

Itoh peonies (also called intersectional hybrids) represent for many in the peony market the future of the garden peony industry.  Itohs have a number of advantages over either herbaceous or tree peonies:

  • Stronger stems that hold the flower upright even after wind and rain
  • Vigorous growth and extreme winter hardiness (equivalent to herbaceous peonies)
  • Flower colors previously only found in tree peonies (yellow, orange, flares)
  • Floriferous when mature (up to 50 flowers on one plant!) with flowers carried above the foliage
  • Healthy and attractive foliage right through fall
  • Symmetric, bushy shaped plant that is cut back in the fall like herbaceous peonies
  • Less attractive to ants than herbecaous peonies

Planteck, through its tissue culture technology, can offer a large variety of Itoh peony cultivars easy to acclimatize and grow by every gardener, nurseryman and grower.

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